Anja Bereiter, Russian-Swiss

33 Years of Piano and 30 Years of Violin

22 Years of teaching experience

35 countries visited

Anja began playing the piano at the age 
of 4 and the violin since at the age of 8. 
At 12 years old, she played her first solo performance with Chamber Orchestra. 
In 1995, Anja completed music school 
with distinction before studying at the 
Kaliningrad College of Music, where she performed as Soloist and Concertmistress 
of the chamber and symphony orchestras 
and also played with the Kaliningrad Philharmonic Orchestra. 
Anja had won prizes in various 
competitions as a pianist & a violinist and had 
performed on both for Russian radio 
and television. From 2000 to 2003, 
Anja studied under Tsinman Mikhail, 
Honoured musician of Russia, Professor 
at the Moscow Tschaikowsky Conservatory
member of the famous Moscow Rachmaninov Trio
and Soloist of the renowned 
Bolshoi –Theatre of Moscow
During her studies, Anja performed with Tsinman in several concerts in Moscow. 
She also played as soloist in concerts 
organised by the Foundation Tschernomyrdin (founded by the eponymous Russian Prime Minister), the Fund Constitution and 
the Swiss Club of Russia
From 2004 to July 2006, Anja studied 
under Professor Ulrich Groener 
at the Swiss University of Music and Theatre in Zurich (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), completing her studies with distinction. 
Anja was awarded the Stipendium for Talented Musicians in 2006 from the Conservatorium Feldkirch in Austria, studying under Professor David  Fruehwirth and graduating with the Concert Diploma in 2008. Anja currently plays up to 50 concerts a year in prestigious venues such as the Vienna Music Hall, the Mirror Hall in Bratislava, as well as venues in Budapest, Atlanta, Shanghai and Moscow.





Anja Bereiter

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